CogMed Working Memory Training

Creating better learning outcomes for children

Does your child struggle to follow instructions at home or school?

Selective hearing may not be the reason. One in ten children has low working memory—a crucial system for retaining information and learning.

Cogmed is an evidence-based training program that improves working memory. Delivered via iPad, it is particularly beneficial for kids who struggle to follow multi-step instructions, comprehend reading or complete maths tasks.

What is working memory?

Working memory is a temporary workspace in the brain that allows us to hold and process information and plan ahead when solving problems or completing tasks. Think of it as a short-term storage system that retains a thought while you listen for more detail—like remembering the name of a destination while you wait for directions.

As humans, the amount of information we can store in our working memory is limited to 3-4 pieces of new information at any given time, according to research.

Low working memory in children

Children with low working memory can try hard but progress slowly, often mislabelled as bad listeners. Parents will say, “he just doesn’t listen. It goes in one ear and out the other!” but the truth is, it’s not about choice. Their child lacks the memory capacity to process information, complete tasks, and stay focused.

“He just doesn’t listen. It goes in one ear and out the other!”

When working memory is limited, children can become easily distracted or cognitively overloaded, experiencing what we refer to as ‘catastrophic loss’ to their short-term memory system. This loss often results in the inability to complete set tasks; when this happens, children miss the opportunity to learn. The more frequently this occurs, the more significant the impact on learning.

Is your child smart but a little scattered?

Low working in kids can be hereditary, environmental or linked to clinical conditions like ADHD, ADD, traumatic brain injury, cancer treatment and stroke.

Cogmed training, overseen by our team, benefits kids with and without a diagnosis and is ideal for bright but dreamy types who struggle with everyday tasks like getting organised, packing up and paying attention.

Working memory skills steadily improve from age 4 to 11, peaking at about 15 years. During childhood, it is common to see a significant difference in working memory capacity between children of the same age.

What is Cogmed memory training?

Cogmed is a research-based memory training program developed by neuroscientists to improve working memory and attention. Based entirely on an app, children work to complete a series of cognitive exercises that challenge their brains and adapt accordingly as attention and memory improve. 

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How Cogmed memory training can help your child

Cogmed is a software-based training program for kids who:

  • Find complex problem-solving challenging.
  • Have difficulty starting or completing tasks without assistance.
  • Struggle to finish tasks with multiple steps or keep track of steps.
  • Are easily distracted if not interested in an activity.
  • Lack the skills to get organised and often lose belongings.
  • Struggle to understand the context and break down sounds when reading.
  • Find maths and calculations difficult.
  • Find it challenging to self-correct their work.

“Cogmed’s research is spectacular. For the amount of time that Cogmed Working Memory Training has been available, the research has blown everybody else away and has really changed what neurologists think about working memory.”

– Ph.D. specialised in the treatment of ADHD

22/23 Summer Program Registrations – Limited Space

Registrations are currently open (but very limited) for our Summer Cogmed Training Sessions, kicking off just after Christmas.

The program runs from home across the festive break, supported by a parent or carer. This format lets your child focus on the program away from the pressure of school or kinder.

Program inclusions:
– Initial working memory assessment at our clinic
– Five weeks of app-based training sessions at home with regular coaching and check-ins
– Four check-in sessions with your child’s psychologist, in the clinic or via phone
– Follow-up working memory assessment one month after completion

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a referral to benefit from Cogmed but do need to register an initial appointment with one of our psychologists to complete a working memory assessment.

Please note, at peak times we may maintain a wait list. When this occurs we will inform you of your options.

What is the cost?

Cogmed training is a worthwhile investment for families of motivated children willing to work together to complete the program. Get in touch to discuss fees and options, or view our fee schedule online.