CogMed Working Memory Training

Creating better learning outcomes for children

Does your child struggle to follow instructions at home or school?

Selective hearing may not be the reason. One in ten children has low working memory—a crucial system for retaining information and learning.

Cogmed is an evidence-based training program that improves working memory. Delievered via iPad, it is particularly beneficial for kids who struggle to follow multi-step instructions, understand what has been read or complete maths tasks.

What is working memory?

Working memory enables us to mentally store information for long enough to use it. Think of it as a short-term storage system that holds a thought while you listen for more detail—like remembering the name of a place while you wait for directions.

The amount of information that can be held in our working memory is limited. Distraction and overload can cause ‘catastrophic loss’ and the inability to complete set tasks. When this happens, children miss the opportunity to learn. The more frequently this occurs, the more significant the impact on learning.

“He just doesn’t listen. It goes in one ear and out the other!”

Children with low working memory can work hard but show slow progress and are often labelled as bad listeners. Parents will say “he just doesn’t listen. It goes in one ear and out the other!” but the truth is, it’s not about choice. Their child lacks the memory capacity to process information, complete tasks and stay focused..

Is your child smart but a little scattered?

Cogmed is not only beneficial for children who are falling behind. It can help the bright but dreamy kids who struggle with everyday tasks like getting organised, packing up and paying attention.

Working memory skills steadily improve from age 4 to 11, peaking at about 15 years. During childhood, it is common to see a significant difference in working memory capacity between children of the same age.

How Cogmed memory training can help your child.

Cogmed is a software based training program for kids who:

  • Find complex problem-solving challenging.
  • Have difficulty starting or completing tasks without assistance.
  • Struggle to finish tasks with multiple steps or keep track of steps.
  • Are easily distracted if not interested in an activity.
  • Lack the skills to get organised and often lose belongings.
  • Struggle to understand the context and break down sounds when reading.
  • Find maths and calculations difficult.
  • Find it challenging to self-correct their work.

See CogMed in Action


Cogmed Memory Training sessions run for 50-60 minutes and include both at-home and in-clinic sessions.

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a referral to try Cogmed but will need to book an initial appointment with one of our psychologists.

Please Note: At peak times we may maintain a wait list. When this occurs we will inform you of your options.