A safe space for children

to learn, heal and grow.

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Welcome to Think Psychologists.

Our Geelong-based clinic provides psychological care for children, adolescents and their families across the Geelong and Surf Coast region.

Led by Dr Nicole Carvill, our team of experienced child psychologists approach patient care driven by empathy, compassion and best practise.

We understand that your child is your world, so finding the right child therapist is important to you. We employ a team of highly skilled psychologists with diverse experience and lots of heart, to make your decision easier.

Meet our child therapists

Dr Nicole Carvill

Psychologist - BA(Hons) PhD MAPS

Nicole is our founding psychologist and a mother of two. A caregiver by nature, she approaches therapeutic care through the lens of a psychologist, with the heart of a parent. 

She knows that harnessing knowledge, proven tools and strategies can help children foster meaningful relationships at school, home and in their community. 

Her academic achievements and extensive training support her profound passion for empowering children and families to thrive.

Area of Interest

Nicole is passionate about the assessment and identification of cognitive and executive functioning difficulties.

These challenges can significantly impact how a child presents in their world, and early identification is crucial to learning and growth. This includes Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, development delay and working memory difficulties in children.

Nicole will guide you and your child through the assessment process and provide support for the path forward.

Achievements and Experience
  • PhD scholarship (Caring for Carers) focused on research and development of an assessment tool to support those caring for people with additional needs.
  • Presenter for the Pearson Academy, Australia’s leading provider of professional development for the education and health industry.
  • The first Cogmed Qualified Practice in Victoria, second Australia-wide.
  • Research on the impact of pregnancy on memory skills.
  • Work within a multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment Team under the guidance of Dr Richard Eisenmajer, Gateway Support Services.
  • Support for Preschool children with developmental delays, Specialist Children’s Services.
  • Work as a Clinician within the Behaviour Intervention Support Team, Disability Services [DHS].
  • Regional Coordinator (Barwon South Western region of Victoria) for the Program for Students with Disabilities, Lewis & Lewis Psychological Consultancy.
Path to Psychology

“My brother was diagnosed with an intellectual disability as a young child. His diagnosis felt like an insurmountable problem to my parents, and I can vividly recall the sense of hopelessness that overcame my family.

My parents knew that something was different for him but didn’t fully understand what was happening. Instead, they felt confused and overwhelmed until the picture became clearer many years later.

This path is similar for many of the families we meet. They know their child is facing challenges but are unsure what, why or what to do next.

Access to information and social attitudes toward children with a disability have, thankfully, shifted over time. Yet, despite this, many families carry an inheritance of fear and misunderstanding when they walk through my door.

My role is to help families understand what is happening and learn how they can best support their child into the future.”

Photo of Dr Nicole Carvill

Nicolette Dimitrovski

Psychologist. BPsych (Hons), MPsych (Ed&Dev).

Nicolette is a compassionate psychologist who has worked extensively with children and adolescents across educational, community and private practice settings. 

She works collaboratively with parents, teachers and multidisciplinary practitioners to deliver psychological assessments and intervention for students.

Area of Interest

Nicolette has a specific interest in educational and developmental psychology and strives to help children and adolescents grow and learn to their full potential.

She uses evidence-based techniques and assessments to address a variety of presenting concerns, including anxiety, learning difficulties, behavioural challenges, and social challenges.

Nicolette frequently works with students who present with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Specific Learning Disorder (including ‘Dyslexia’) and Intellectual Disability (ID), and is trained to assess for each of these diagnoses.

She can perform a range of standardised tests, including cognitive assessments, such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Edition, WISC-V and Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments (including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Second Edition, ADOS-2).

Achievements and Experience
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental)
  • Casual Research Assistant at Deakin University
  • ADOS-2 trained
Path to Psychology

“I first worked with young children as a volunteer in a local, not-for-profit community organisation. During this time, I met many individuals and families affected by disability.

Hearing their stories and learning of their struggles, I felt compelled to dedicate my career to understanding the impact of disability and advocating to help those affected to live fulfilling lives.”

Photo of Nicolette Dimitrovski

Amy Smith

Clinical Psychologist. B.A (Hons), Grad Dip Clinical Psychology, MPsych.

Amy is a highly skilled psychologist who has worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across New Zealand and the UK. This experience provides valuable insight into childhood anxiety, mood disorders, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges.

Amy feels privileged to support children and their families using a holistic and collaborative approach to care. She can help your child with assessments, behaviour management and crisis intervention.

Area of Interest

Amy supports children and adolescents using evidence-based theories backed by her extensive experience.

She can help your child with cognitive assessments, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness.

Achievements and Experience
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honors).
  • Graduate Diploma of Clinical Psychology.
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology).
Path to Psychology

I have always wanted to work with people and was motivated to study psychology after working in a role supporting individuals with a disability. I loved engaging with each person and their families and supporting them to achieve their goals. My passion for working with people has only grown since I started working as a psychologist, and more so working with children and young people. I value the relationships we build with the families we have the privilege of working with. I enjoy the challenge of working in an area that has a lot of diversity due to the different ages of the children we see, and with each individual presenting with unique strengths and challenges. The rewarding part of this role is seeing children, young people, and their families gain understanding, develop skills, and celebrate their achievements, both big and small.

Photo of Amy Smith

Jake Farrer

Psychologist. BASocScH (Psy), BAPsy (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical)

Jake is an empathetic psychologist with experience across many forms of behavioural interventions and treatments. He is dedicated to providing kids with the skills and connections they need to live an independent and fulfiling life. 

Jake understands the power of rallying caregivers to support children as they learn and grow. He can help your child with cognitive and behavioural assessments, intervention and treatments. 

He can also explore underlying concerns that may create challenges in the daily life of your child, and assist with diagnosing and treating mental disorders. 

Area of Interest

Jake is dedicated to working with children and adolescents facing mental health challenges. He also assists his clients, families and caregivers to address behavioural challenges.

He will support your child as an individual and strengthen the support system around them. He firmly believes that working together using evidence-based treatment can achieve the best outcome.

Jake can help with cognitive assessments, and supports children using his knowledge of tools and concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy approaches and mindfulness.

He can also provide behavioural strategies for parents navigating challenging behaviour.

Achievements and Experience
  • Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (Psychology Major)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Honors)
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
  • Experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis, as a therapist and as a Behaviour Support Practitioner utilizing Positive Behaviour Support
Path to Psychology

“I was born into a family of caregivers and healthcare workers who shaped my career choice and evolving identity.

Along the way, I have been mentored by a handful of accomplished professionals and developed an interest in behavioural interventions and treatments. I believe these methods offer the best approach for supporting children and adolescents who are still developing the skills they need to live a fulfilling and happy life.

I am invested in understanding and respecting how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can impact our daily lives, and how psychology research and practice can significantly support those in need.

My role at Think Psychologists allows me to incorporate my experience and knowledge into practice and put this to work when supporting my clients.”

Photo of Jake Farrer

Rebekah McColl

Deakin University- Geelong- Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) - 2014 – 2018; Second Class Honours

Beki joined the team as a registered psychologist (AHPRA) obtaining her Master of Educational Psychology from the University of Melbourne in 2019. 

Beki has a keen interest and passion in child and adolescent development, anxiety and learning difficulties as well as working with neurodiverse clients and advocating for their needs.

Area of Interest

Beki prides herself on providing best practice services to children, adolescents, and their families, with a focus on identifying and celebrating their unique strengths to help foster positive change. Beki is  skilled in educational and diagnostic assessments for children in pre-school through to young adults.

Achievements and Experience

School Psychologist with The Geelong College providing counselling support, intervention and crisis management targeting a range of issues including general mental health, anxiety, depression, self-regulation, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and school refusal. The role also included Assessment of educational and mental health needs, including learning, behavioural and risk assessments.

Psychologist with Brainy Assessments Providing cognitive, autism and behavioural assessment service, which is predominantly completed at the child/young person’s school. Extensive experience in administration and interpretation of a broad range of psychometric and diagnostic assessments and formulation of case conceptualisations.

Path to Psychology

Beki’s journey to Think Psychologists has seen her gain experience with The Geelong College, Brainy Assessments, as a Research Assistant and Disability Support Worker. This breadth of knowledge and practice will greatly support the families of Think Psychologists.

Photo of Rebekah McColl

Amanda Coop

Provisional Psychologist. Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Amanda is a passionate provisional psychologist and mother to three children and two step-
Driven by a commitment for supporting others, she knows that the right therapeutic relationship
and space can transform lives and facilitate growth, awareness, and positive change.
She provides support and strategies to help neurodivergent kids, teens, and their families thrive in a
world that can be challenging to navigate.

Area of Interest

Amanda is particularly interested in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the role of the whole family in a child’s therapy and wellbeing.

She uses and teaches evidence-based techniques to recognise and regulate emotions, and can help with a wide range of behaviours that create challenges at home and at school.

With a focus on support, information, and strategies that create positive outcomes for young people and their families, Amanda works to create a safe therapeutic environment where children and adults can feel understood and empowered.

Achievements and Experience

As well as her bachelor of psychological science, Amanda holds a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of laws. She has worked in law, legal publishing, copywriting, and as a full time mum.
While studying her psychology degree, Amanda volunteered as an independent person at YRIPP, attending police interviews with young people when a parent or guardian was not available, providing support, monitoring their welfare, and ultimately reducing the risk of future offending.

This has helped her develop strong skills in advocacy, active listening, and cross-cultural communication.

Path to Psychology

“A later-in-life ASD diagnosis combined with a life-long interest in mental health led me to enrol in a psychology degree at a time of my life when most people are reaching the peak of their careers. It has without a doubt been the best decision of my life, and I am excited to use my skills, experiences, and accumulated wisdom to offer the kind of support that wasn’t so readily available when I was young.”

Photo of Amanda Coop

“Nothing lights me up more than guiding kids and families through the process of understanding how their brain works.”

– Dr Nicole Carvill

Admin Team

Andrea Fulton

Andrea began at Think Psychologists in 2018. She is a trained nurse but had been working within an Integration Aide role at a local school, which is where we discovered her. Andrea will always greet you with a smile, is a fabulous addition to our admin team and loves cooking up a storm for her husband and young adult sons and exploring new places with her Labrador puppy, Poppy. You will find Andrea at the front desk at Myers Street on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Photo of Andrea Fulton


Jules began at Think/ Interact in May 2021. She has worked in Office Management in the Construction Industry for over 20 years.

Jules loves being part of our Pediatric Clinic and greeting our clients with a cheery smile. On weekends Jules enjoys Yoga, Meditation and walking her Labradors on the beach.  You will find Jules at the front desk Tuesday to Fridays.

Photo of Jules